400 English/Spanish Safety Bulletins

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The Texas Department of Insurance has developed over 400 free occupational safety and health publications (see below).  Their publications include safety:  forms, checklists, model programs and bulletins.  Most are 2 or 3 pages long and available in either English or Spanish.   Many of their safety bulletins have short quizzes at the end and would be appropriate for tool box talks (tailgate safety meetings).

Accident Investigation Safety Training Program (English/Spanish) Accident Prevention Plan Program Guide for Small Business Employers
Accident Prevention Plan Sample (PDF)
Aging and Driving Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Aging in the Workplace FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Agricultural Hand Signals Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Agricultural Machinery Safety – English/Spanish
Agriculture and Child Safety Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Asbestos Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Asphalt Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Automatic External Defibrillators – FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Back Injury Prevention – English/Spanish
Back Injury Prevention Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Back Injury Prevention (for Healthcare Industry) Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Basic First Aid (English and Spanish)
Bicycling Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Biosafety Containers FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Bloodborne Exposure Control Plan – Self Audit Checklist
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan Sample OSHA Written Program
Bloodborne Pathogens Questions and Answers (English/Spanish)
Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training Program/ (English/Spanish)
Bomb Threats Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

CO Hazards from Small Gasoline Powered Engines FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Cement Safety – Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Chainsaw Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Chemical Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Chickenpox FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Christmas Tree Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Chlorine Take-5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Cold Weather FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Common Cold Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)

Confined Space Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Confined Space Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Construction Safety Inspection: (English/Spanish)
Construction Safety Inspection Checklist (English/Spanish)
Control of Hazardous Energy Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Cotton Dust FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Defensive Driving – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Dengue Fever – FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving and Avoiding Roadway Crashes FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving and Being Prepared Checklist (English/Spanish)
Driving and Being Road-Wise FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving at Work (English/Spanish)
Driving Distractions FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving and Merging Collision Prevention FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving & Tailgating (English/Spanish)
Driving & Using Cellular Telephones – Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Driving in Highway Construction Zones – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Driving in the Fog FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving in the Rain Take-5 (English/Spanish)
Driving in the Winter FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Driving Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Driving with Anti-Lock Brake Systems – FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Drug-Free Workplace Resource Guide (English/Spanish)
Dumptruck Tipover Prevention FactSheet 

Electric Kiln Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Electrical Safety – English/Spanish
Electrical Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Emergency Action Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Emergency Procedures for Employees with Disabilities in Office Occupations Resource Guide (English/Spanish)
Emergency Management FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Emergency Response Planning Safety Training Program 
Empty Skids and Pallets – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
ENG Camera and Live Truck Safety Factsheet (English/Spanish)
Ergonomics – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Ergonomics for General Industry Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Ergonomic Solutions: Baggage Handling – English/Spanish

Excavation Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Excavation Safety Sample OSHA Written Program
Excavation Safety Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Extension Cord Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Eye Injury Prevention FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Eye Protection Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Eyewash Safety Workplace Program (English/Spanish)

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry (English/Spanish)
Farm and Ranch Safety Audit Checklist
Farm Equipment Hazards Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Farm/Ranch Animal Safety – English/Spanish
Farm/Ranch Safety Equipment – FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Farm/Ranch Shop Safety – English/Spanish
Farm Tractor Rollover Prevention Safety Training Program – English/Spanish
Farm Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Fault Tree Analysis Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Fire Safety: Flammable Liquids – Take 5 for Safety (Spanish)
Fire Safety Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Fireworks Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Flash Flood Alert – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program
Flu Control Measures for Healthcare Facilities (English/Spanish)
Fluid Replacement FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Flu/Influenza Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Foodborne Diseases (English/Spanish)
Foot Protection Workplace Program
Footwear Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Forklift Safety – Proper Load Handling – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Frostbite FactSheet (English/Spanish)

General Industry Self-Inspection Checklist (English/Spanish)
Golf Cart Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Grain Auger Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Grain Handling Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Hand and Power Tools Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Hand Hygiene FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Hand Protection from Chemical Exposure Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Hazard Communication: OSHA Standard Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Hazard Communication Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Hazard Communication FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Hazard Communication Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Healthcare Facilities and Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training Program
Healthcare Personnel Occupational HIV Transmission Prevention  – English/Spanish
Health Care Providers’ Computer Keyboards and Bacteria Hazards (English/Spanish
Health Care Provider Safety Checklist (English/ Spanish)
Health Recommendations for Relief Workers FactSheet(English/Spanish)
Hearing Conservation Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Hearing Conservation Workplace Program
Heat-Related Injuries and Illness Prevention (English/Spanish)
Heat Stress Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
High Rise Building Evacuations (English/Spanish)
Highway Safety Program in the Workplace (English/Spanish)
Highway Work Zone Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
HIV and Its Transmission FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Holiday Safety Tips (English/Spanish)
House and Building Fires FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Hurricane Preparation FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Hurricane/Tornado Recovery Efforts and Clean-Up Hazards (English/Spanish)
Hurry Up Can Hurt – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Hypothermia FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Inexperienced Workers Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Indoor Air Quality FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Influenza FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Insect Bites and Stings FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Job Safety Analysis & Task Training – English/Spanish
Job Safety Analysis Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Jump Starting a Car Battery – FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Kitchen Safety Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Ladder Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Landscapers vs. Texas Critters FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Laser Pointer Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Latex Allergy FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Laundering Work Clothes – English/Spanish
Lawn Equipment Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Lift Truck Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Livestock Handling Safety Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Lightning Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Lockout-Tagout Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Lockout/Tagout (English/Spanish)
Lockout Tagout Workplace Program (English/Spanish)

Management Safety Responsibilities Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Manual Material Handling – An Ergonomic Approach (English/Spanish)
Motorcycle Safety Training Program (Spanish)
MRSA FactSheet (English/Spanish)

Night Blindness Take 5 (English/Spanish)
Noise and Hearing Protection Factsheet (English/Spanish)

Office Ergonomics Workplace Program (English, Spanish)
Office Safety Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
On the Job Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
OSHA Record Keeping FactSheet (English/Spanish)
OSHA Record Keeping Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Paper Shredder FactSheet
Parking Lot Safety (English/Spanish)
Personal Fall Protection Systems – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Personal Protective Equipment Analysis Worksheet (English/Spanish)
Personal Protective Equipment FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Personal Protective Equipment Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Personal Protective Equipment Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Pesticide Poisoning Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Pneumatic Nail Gun Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)  
Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac FactSheet (English/Spanish)  
Portable Fire Extinguishers Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Powder Actuated Tools Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Powered Industrial Trucks – Forklifts Workplace Program
Preventing Slips and Trips – English/Spanish
Proper Use of a Respirator – English/Spanish
Protective Clothing – English/Spanish
Protective Headgear Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Railroad Crossing (English/Spanish)
Respirator Types Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Respiratory Protection Sample OSHA Written Program (Word format)
Respiratory Protection Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
Return to Work Program Guide
Ricin (English/Spanish)
Rimmed Wheels Safety – Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Road Rage Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)

Safely Handling Pesticides – English/Spanish
Safety By the Numbers (addresses occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatality data in Texas)
Safety Committees Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Safety Meetings Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Safety Policy Sample OSHA written Program (Word format)
Safety Supervisor Training- Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Safety Training Program Development – Safety Training Program
SARS FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Sawmills and Fall Prevention- Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Scaffold Safety (English/Spanish)
Severe Weather Action Planning Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Sharps Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Shift Workers Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Sleeping Restfully (English/Spanish)
Shoulder Injury Prevention (English/Spanish)
Slips and Falls Prevention (English/Spanish) – Take 5 for Safety
Small Business Crime Prevention Guide (English/Spanish)
Smallpox FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Staying Alert and Fit to Drive Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Stress Reduction Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)
Stroke Prevention FactSheet
Sunglasses Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Sun Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)

Tailgate Toolbox Safety Meetings – Take 5 for Safety(English/Spanish)
Taxi and Delivery Drivers Safety – Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Teens in the Workplace – English/Spanish
Teen Construction Safety – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Teen Workplace Safety – Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Teens Working in Food Service Teen Guide (English/Spanish)
Terrorism FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Tractor Road Safety Training Program English/Spanish
Tractor Safety – English/Spanish
Training Program Descriptions
Travel Safety Tips FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Tree Trimming Safety Tips for Hurricane/Tornado (English/Spanish)
Truck Hijacking Prevention (English/Spanish)
Tuberculosis FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Tuberculosis Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

U.S. DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Vehicle Backing Safety FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Viral Hepatitis C – Take 5 for Safety (English/Spanish)
Vehicle Safety Checklist (English/Spanish)

Waitstaff Health & Safety Safety Training Program (English)/(Spanish)
Waterborne Illnesses Prevention – FactSheet (English/Spanish)
Welding, Cutting and Brazing Checklist (English/Spanish)
Welding Hazards Workplace Program (English/Spanish)
West Nile Virus FactSheet (English/Spanish
West Nile Virus Mosquito Control (English)
Whole-Body Vibration Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Wood Dust Hazards and Controls (English/Spanish) Work Area Safety Checklist (English/Spanish)
Workers’ Health & Safety Programs and Services List (English/Spanish)Working Outdoors FactSheet English/Spanish
Workplace Emergencies Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)

Workplace Emergencies Workplace Program
Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training Program (English/Spanish)
Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies for Employers
Workplace Wellness Factsheet
Workplace Wellness Strategies Fact Sheet
Workstation Adjustments

X-Ray Machine Safety FactSheet


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