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 Over 1,000 Free Downloadable Work Safety Video Clips!


Safety videos can be used for new hire safety orientation and for regularly scheduled employee safety meetings.  Show them on a computer screen if the group is smaller, or use a digital projector to show them on a screen or white wall for larger meetings.  Follow the video up with discussions on how the video applies to your work environment.

The 1,000 free downloadable workplace safety and health (OSHA) videos shown below were gleaned from many different “open source” on-line resources (e.g. YouTube). did not create or develop any of them.  We do not own them or their copyrights.  We are acting as a search engine by identifying and linking to these free safety, health, OSHA and accident prevention video clips.

Questions and comments on a particular free downloadable work safety video should be directed to the website (or author) who created it.  If you are having difficulty identifying who the creator/originator of a particular free downloadable video is, just contact us and we’ll send you that information.

If you do not find a video clip that you can use from the below list, please visit YouTube and search for your topic of interest.



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