Christmas Safety Articles & Posters

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Free Christmas Safety Articles & Posters

The Christmas holiday season is nearly here!  To help your employees have a safe holiday, be sure to emphasize holiday safety in your pre-Christmas safety meetings and communications.  

Below are some free, downloadable Christmas safety resources.  Print them up and post them on bulletin boards, or hand them out in upcoming safety meetings.

The NFPA has excellent holiday fire safety tips here.   

For a little “Santa safety humor”, click here and here !   On the serious side, Wettermark Keith has an excellent infographic you can download on “Injuries & Fires At Christmas“.

Before you go out Christmas shopping, check out this article on “Christmas Shopping Ergonomics“!    EHS Today has a free animated infographic entitled “10 Holiday Safety Tips“.

For some general holiday safety tips, just click here and here.  Also, here’s an article about electrical safety in the home this holiday season.  

The CPSC believes “Tis The Season To Decorate Safety“.  ESFI offers a cute little holiday safety video here.  

Workplace holiday safety, we’ve got that covered here.  Click here for a new song called “OSHA Inspection At Santa’s Workshop”.

Finally, click here for a comprehensive list of holiday safety tips from our good friends at Atlantic Training!


Mr & Mrs Claus wish you a safe Christmas!

Infographic courtesy of The Allstate Blog.

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