Safety Awakening – “Don’t Hire Your Safety Problems”

January 16, 2015 No Comments

“Don’t Hire Your Safety Problems”


As a safety consultant, I’ve worked with thousands of employers.  One thing I’ve observed is that many companies “hire their safety problems”.  


Oppressive Employers

Employers who have low pay, offer few benefits, and treat their employees poorly don’t get many job applicants for their open positions because the community soon learns of their oppressive culture.  At these companies, HR is under pressure to continuously replace the many employees who leave.  Without many job applicants to choose from HR has to hire just about any warm body that walks in the door.

These companies tend to hire bottom tier employees who are : accident prone, physically not suited for the job, risk takers, criminals, chemically dependent, undisciplined, financially troubled, or have pre-existing disabilities.  These troubled employees come with lots of baggage and are an accident looking for a place to happen.


Preferred Employers

Conversely, other employers provide their employees with excellent pay and benefits. These companies believe that their employees are their most important asset, and have an employee centered culture.  Often they are the “preferred employer” in the community.  When a rare job opening does occur, they will have dozens (or even hundreds) of applicants.  HR at these companies can carefully screen applicants and be extremely selective in who they hire.  

Employees at these top performing companies follow work and safety rules.  They don’t turn in fraudulent workers compensation claims (or “milk” a claim that does occur) because they can not afford to rock the boat and risk loosing one of the better jobs in the community.

Don’t Hire Your Safety Problems

Three things your company can do to reduce the likelihood of hiring safety problems are:

  • Have an employee centered culture
  • Offer highly competitive wages and benefits
  • Have a well qualified HR staff




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