Incorporate Safety Apps Into Your Training

September 1, 2014 No Comments

There are lots of safety apps out there that have excellent safety training videos and PowerPoints.  Have you ever thought about incorporating this training content into your safety meetings?  Is it possible to transfer training programs that are in apps on your smart phone (or tablet) onto a large TV for showing to groups of employees?

Linking your mobile device to a TV is easy – thousands to it every day.   It’s called “mirroring“!

There are two  types of televisions that can be used for mirroring.  One type is a digital “projection” TV that projects the image onto a large screen (or a blank white wall).  The other type is a “flat screen” digital TV (the type most of you already have in your homes).  

Apple IOS

Apple makes wireless mirroring easy with their “AirPlay” functionality which is built into later iPhone and iPad operating systems.  

You will need the following three devices to mirror –

The  Apple TV box is hooked up to the TV or the digital projector.  Once AirPlay is set up, it’s as simple as making a single click on your iPhone/ iPad to send the mobile device’s screen to your Apple TV box which then transfers the image over to your TV or digital projector.


Google announced this June that mirroring can now be done with Android devices by using “Chromecast“.  This is so new that it’s only available for a very limited number of Android devices.   We have not tried it yet.  For more information click here.

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