Your Introduction To OSHA & Safety

January 6, 2015 No Comments

So you’re new the workplace safety and health occupation and want to learn more about OSHA and safety basics.  Here’s a link to OSHA’s “Introduction To OSHA” webpage.   It’s a must read for anyone who’s new to occupational safety in the United States.  This page has information on:

  • OSHA poster
  • MSDSs
  • Whistleblower fact sheet
  • Work refusal
  • 300 accident log
  • Who pays for PPE
  • How to read OSHA standards
  • Safety & health resources
  • Navigating OSHA’s website
  • Identifying safety & health problems
  • Filing an OSHA complaint
  • PowerPoint on the basics of OSHA
  • Instructors guide

Here’ the link to the PowerPoint’s used in the “OSHA 10-Hour General Industry” course.   Also, here’s the link to the PowerPoint’s used in the “OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry” course .  Viewing them would be a great introduction to the OSHA standards and safety!

For  35 more free articles on OSHA standards and their interpretation and enforcement – click here to visit our “Everything You Need To Know About The OSHA Standards” webpage”!


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