Better OSHA Compliance In 11 Steps

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OSHA compliance can be very confusing, especially for small and medium sized employers who do not have their own in-house safety manager.  To help these companies better understand OSHA requirements we have put together the following 12 step curriculum.

1. Designate a part-time OSHA compliance coordinator for your company.   Give them the time and resources needed to complete all of the below listed responsibilities.

2. Become familiar with navigating OSHA’s website.

3. Complete an authorized OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour course.  If your company is in a high hazard industry or has an unacceptable accident record, take the longer 30 hour course.

4. Review OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements.   Make sure your OSHA records are complete, accurate and readable.

5. Post the OSHA poster.

6. Develop the required OSHA written plans.

7. Complete the required employee OSHA training for both new hires and for current employees.

8.  Review all OSHA inspection reports that were made at your company during the last five years by doing an establishment citation search.   Make sure that any prior citations remain in compliance, because if  OSHA comes back and finds the same citation again you may be charged with a “willful” or “repeated” violation.

9.  If anytime during this process you have a question, either call OSHA (1-800-321-6742) or email them.

10.   Now for an assessment of how you’ve done.   Contact the OSHA consultation division in your state and request both an on-site safety inspection and an on-site health assessment.

11.  Finally, you will need to keep up to date on the latest changes to the OSHA standards.

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