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Every occupational safety and health practitioner in the U. S. needs to keep up-to-date on the latest changes to the federal OSHA standards.  This is not as onerous as you might think.  OSHA standards remain relatively stagnant from year to year.  There are actually very few broad and significant changes in any given year.

Some organizations sell OSHA updater services for hundreds of dollars.  Unless you are an OSHA lawyer, we believe that such a service is probably overkill.   Below are the three free on-line resources that we use to stay current on OSHA standards –

  • OSHA Quick Takes is OSHA’s free, bi-weekly, electronic safety magazine.  It covers: injury statistics, new OSHA standards, large OSHA fines, new OSHA publications, upcoming safety events, and job openings.
  • The OSHA Law Blog is written by an OSHA lawyer who works in Washington DC.

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