Our Favorite OSHA Reference Book

September 1, 2015 No Comments
Here’s what Amazon.com has to say about our favorite OSHA reference book – 
“Learn from a former OSHA inspector how to: Develop and implement an effective safety program that complies with OSHA standards; Proactively prepare for an inspection; and Respond in the event of a citation.  OSHA Inspections: Preparation and Response 2nd Edition, an updated reference guide for the safety professional, is divided into two parts: Preparing for OSHA and Responding to OSHA.
Part 1, Preparing for OSHA, provides an overview of safety issues that must be addressed prior to any compliance inspection. These include preventive maintenance, safety committees, discipline and accident investigations. Rather than just review the processes involved, advice is given on how to creatively use these tools for safety and as preparation for inspection.
Part 2, Responding to OSHA, gets to the heart of the matter, discussing the compliance officer and safety professional s role in meeting, greeting and accompanying on an inspection of the premises.

A must-have book regarding employer rights and responsibilities in dealing with what some might perceive as an adversarial OSHA.”

I have a “signed” first edition of the book.  I use it all the time.  To order the latest up-to-date edition click here.

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