100 Safety Apps That Did Not Make The Cut

February 5, 2018 No Comments

Every Monday for three years we’ve reviewed and rated a new iOS (or Android) occupational  safety and health app.  We focus our reviews on apps that we believe the majority of our readers would be interested in.

For every app that we share with you there are a number of apps that we looked at but chose not to do an in-depth review on.   The reasons that we reject apps include: too expensive,  silly,  locks-up,  confusing,  requires a subscription,  developer not a qualified safety professional,  and poor content.  

Below are the apps that did not make our cut.   Feel free to check them out and make your own evaluation of them.  But we suspect that most of you will agree that the below apps are  not worthy of installing on your iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device.  

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