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Below is our “Safety App of the Week”.  These weekly features are published every Monday.  New apps are tested on our Apple iPads and rated from to ♥♥♥♥♥, with ♥♥♥♥♥ being the best.  Old app of the week articles are archived here.

DL Alerts


“Report on potential safety hazards, record best safety practices.  Simple and efficient to use.  Information is collected by phone, submitted to our server, and selected reports are sent to your designated recipient via email.”1

Thumbs Up

  • Well organized, easy and logical to use.
  • Nice graphics – professional looking.
  • Can incorporate photos in your reports.
  • Five reports to choose from – Hazard Alert, Safety  Alert, Lesson Learned, Safety Bulletin, and Best Practice.

Thumbs Down

  • All five reports are identical to each other (see above side-by-side comparison), so what’s up with calling this one report form by five different names?
  • The $12.99 cost for this app seems high when considering similar apps are available for free (e.g.  SHE-Q,  HSEQ Free,  HSEQ app).
  • No drop down menus, everything is fill-in-the-blank.
  • No where on any forms is there a place to enter the name of the person who completed the report.
  • When you hit “submit report” a pop-up appears that says “report submitted”.   Yet we never received any of our completed reports, where did they go after we submitted them?  We contacted the developer who said “You have to go to your iPhone/iPad settings, open the app within settings, and then enter your email address.”  We did this and found that by default, all completed reports are emailed to the developer.  Once we replaced the developers’ email address with ours, we received all future completed reports just fine.  Unfortunately, no where on the app itself are you told how and where to enter the email address you want completed reports sent to.

Overall Rating

  • iPad & iPhone – ♥♥  

¹ Descriptions courtesy of Apple Inc.

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