Why Aren’t There Any More Good New Safety Apps?

December 25, 2017 No Comments

Why Aren’t There Any More Good New Safety Apps?

Since I started reviewing workplace safety and health apps five years ago, I’ve reviewed over 300 safety apps.   Click here to check out my safety app review “archive”.

This last weekend I reviewed the below 15 newly released safety apps:

  • Safety Meeting
  • Anonymous Alerts
  • Securitysign
  • Safety App (by ABB)
  • Health and Safety
  • Safe & Sound
  • OKay
  • Forklift Safety Inspections
  • Toolbox Trainer
  • Astra Safety
  • Safety Feedback
  • Safety Speed
  • Fire Safety
  • Construction Safety Compliance App
  • Workplace Safety Inspection Apps

Unfortunately, I did not find a single app out of this group that I would ever use!

Three or four years ago the majority of the safety apps that I reviewed were pretty good.  But these days, not only am I not seeing many new safety apps coming out, but those few new ones that do come out are usually not very good.

My suspicion is that app developers have finally realized that the audience for safety apps is so small that they are unable to even recoup their app development expenses.  They’re now probably thinking “Why bother developing new safety apps if I’m going to lose money?”

Since 2013 I published a new safety app review article every Monday.  These days I’m having a hard time finding enough decent new safety apps to justify even a quarterly review schedule.

For a more in-depth review of the current challenges of developing safety apps and the future of safety apps, please click here to review an article I wrote in ISHN magazine entitled “Successful Safety Apps Don’t Happen Over Night“.

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