Safety Awakening – “Choose Your Friends Carefully”

April 11, 2014 No Comments

“Choose Your Friends Carefully”  

A new safety manager needs to quickly build a strong support base.   Making friends with certain key people at your new company will go a long way towards making you successful.

Years ago a grizzled old safety professional gave me the best piece of advice I’ve ever received.   He said “son, if you want to be successful at your new company, make the maintenance manager your best friend“.

Maintenance managers can make or break a new young safety professional.  A maintenance manager who is on your side will make you look good by promptly correcting safety hazards, prioritizing his “to do list” based upon safety, and alerting you to safety concerns of the maintenance department.  Conversely, a maintenance manager who does not care for you can sabotage your efforts by giving only lip service to safety and ignoring your many requests to make safety improvements.



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