Safety Awakening – “You” Do Not Determine Your Company’s Safety Culture

June 27, 2014 No Comments

“You” Do Not Determine Your Company’s Safety Culture

A company’s safety culture is determined by its’ chief executive .   Does your CEO really care about safety?  The degree to which your CEO values safety is reflected in the responsibilities and accountabilities he (or she) establishes for the executives and managers.

A CEO that places a high value on safety, will establish the following types of accountabilities for their executives and managers:

  • incorporate safety results in bonus criteria
  • charge back workers compensation insurance claims (and/or premiums) to shifts/ plants/divisions based on claims
  • include safety audit scores in performance evaluations
  • promote based in part on safety performance
  • terminate  those who ignore safety or undermine the safety effort
  • require any executive or manager who has a serious injury accident to either call or visit the CEO

If your company does not have the above types accountabilities in place, executives and managers will give only “lip service” to workplace safety, and your company will never have a strong safety culture.


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