Safety Experts Talk

January 14, 2018 No Comments

Safety Experts Talk is an exciting new website that offers free audio interviews with dozens of well-known safety experts on a wide variety of safety and health subjects.   

Below is a reprint of their “About Us” page.  We believe that this new safety resource will be of interest to most of our visitors.  

“When you’re looking for business advice, you want to hear it from experts, especially when you’re dealing with safety. The well-being of your employees is a serious matter, so we talk to the people who can tell you how to do safety right.

At Safety Experts Talk, we seek out experts from safety and regulatory organizations such as OSHA and the NFPA. We find people with years of experience in electrical safety, HazCom, and disaster preparedness. We even talk with Lean manufacturing professionals with the know-how to take your business from good to great by making it more organized and efficient.

Each episode of the show features an interview with one of these experts and lasts up to an hour (although most fall in the 20-30-minute range). You’ll learn about dealing with safety hazards such as high noise levels, combustible dust, and arc flash. Then you can feel confident when you apply these recommendations to your own workplace.”

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