Special Forklift Attachments

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“If your company uses a forklift, you know how important this piece of equipment can be.  What you might not know is how versatile a forklift can be as well.  Special forklift attachments can be used to help transform your forklift into a multi-purpose machine or designated for a very particular task.

Special forklift attachments are convenient.  You can add rotators, barrel clamps, push-pull attachments, and more to help make your forklift meet your industry needs.  If the attachments are not certified for your machine, however, there are hazards to using these attachments.  OSHA guidelines help decide whether an attachment will affect the safe operation of your forklift.  By utilizing a certified attachment (and forklift), you are ensuring that your employees can safely operate the machine and get the job done.

If you are interested in using special forklift attachments, continue reading the following infographic.”1

1 Lift Truck Capacity Calculator

Special Forklift Attachments Infographic

Download This “Forklift Attachments Infographic”

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