The Basic Safety Inspectors’ Kit

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When I perform a safety inspection, I always carry along my basic safety inspection kit.  While there are times when I also carry along additional equipment or instruments, my basic kit is with me at all times whenever I am on the work-floor.  My basic safety inspection kit consists of:

      • A notebook to write my notes and observations in.  Also, if I am carrying checklists/tables/references with me, they will be carried in the notebook.  The black portfolio you see in the photo not only provides a rigid surface to write on, but it also protects my papers from dirt when in the plant.
      • A digital camera is used both to take still photos and to make short videos.  A camera with a wide to telephoto zoom lens is preferred so you can take photos of objects at the ceiling if needed.  The 16GB memory card I keep in my camera is large enough to record over 30 minutes of video.   I use the video mode primarily when conducting a work station ergonomic assessment.
      • A small, powerful flashlight is essential when inspecting remote/obscure areas that are poorly lighted.   The flashlight is needed to see detail in these dimly lit areas, and to safely illuminate your walking path.
      • A tape measure is needed for both OSHA compliance purposes and for conducting ergonomic studies.  OSHA has a number of standards (e.g. handrails, steps, ladders, guarding, wall openings,fire extinguishers, grinding wheels, etc.) that specify distance, and a tape measure is needed to determine if you are compliant or not.
      • A guard opening scale is used to determine if a point of operation barrier guard offers adequate protection.  It represents the human hand and forearm.  Even with a machine that has been turned off, for my own safety, I prefer to use my guard opening scale to  test if a human hand could reach the machines’ danger point rather than sticking my own hand/arm into the machine.
      • A laser pointer comes in handy when I need to highlight something of interest.

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