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Kelly Coleman (PhD, DABT, RAC) is a:  Board Certified Toxicologist, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Toxicology at the University of Minnesota, Bakken Fellow, European Registered Toxicologist, and is employed as the “Distinguished Toxicologist Technical Fellow” at Medtronic.  Recently he shared with me a directory he developed of free Toxicology resources.  Kelly said –
“Dave, attached is a copy of a list of free toxicology databases that I’ve put together over the years.  The biggest problem being a toxicologist is finding good tox data on chemicals, that’s why I put the list together.  I hope your visitors can benefit from it.”


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Chemistry Data


Cancer Data


 Environmental & Occupational


EPA Databases

  • EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
  • EPA’s ChemView
  • EPA’s Toxicity Reference Database (ToxRefDB)
  • EPA’s Toxicity Data Warehouse (ACToR)
  • EPA’s EcoTox
  • Exposure Factors Handbook 2011 Edition (Final)1


FDA Databases


Food & Cosmetics

In Silico Prediction Tools

  • CAESER (descriptor-based models that predict REACH tox endpoints)
  • OECD QSAR Toolbox (uses structures to categorize chemicals and predict endpoints)
  • Tox Match (estimates skin irritation and sensitization based on structural similarity)
  • Tox Tree (estimates toxic hazard by applying a decision tree approach)

Literature Search

Pharmaceuticals & Biologics


Reproductive Toxins


 Tox Profiles

Tox Reference Books


Toxicology Terms


 Other Useful Sites


   1 Provided by Chuck Schwartz, Ph.D., DABT, TOXDOC1


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