53 Free Downloadable Safety Signs

March 12, 2013 No Comments

I just discovered another website that offers free, high-quality, downloadable workplace safety signs!  They are called MySafetySign.com.  Their signs are full sized, and very colorful and clear.

Click here to download their 50 pre-made “Danger”, “Warning”, and “Notice” signs.  First, select the sign you want and click on it.  Then click on “Free Download” on the upper right of the page.  Download the PDF file to your computer.  Open the file with Adobe Reader.   Now all you need to do is print it on your desktop printer!

Please note that most of their sign files are 11.5 by 8 inches – the perfect size for printing on a standard sheet of typing paper.  However, some signs are larger.  If your printer can not print the larger size, be sure to check the “Fit To Size” button on your printer menu to re-size the file before printing.

In addition to their free pre-made signs, they also offer three “Customizable Safety Signs“.  Just click on the format you want, type in what you want the sign to say, and print your custom sign up on your desktop printer.

Not only does MySafetySign offer terrific signs, but they also have an excellent page on “Frequently Asked Questions” that addresses questions on sign:  regulations, design, proper locations, installation, format, symbols, bilingual, placement, size and materials.


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