Over the last few months I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive emails and compliments received from website visitors from around the world.   Your comments are greatly appreciated, and are a bit humbling too.   It’s this type of feedback that keeps me fired up to work even harder for you!   My sincerest thanks,  Dave Weber

  • Definitely my go-to website for EVERYTHING health and safety!  Amazing resources, and to date I have found SOMETHING on every subject I’ve gone looking for.  Karin 
  • As a trainer I’m constantly on the lookout for new and current material. Your site is a trainer’s best friend!  Lee
  • Safety Awakenings is fast becoming the “go to” site for all things safety.  The site has amassed a huge amount of high quality, free material to help safety folks do their job.  Chip
  • You have resources and links to the extent that I have not seen before on any one site.   Eric
  • You have pioneered a great link on Spanish material .  Up to 80 percent of my training is in Spanish.  Muchisimas gracias!   Manuel
  • Provides critical safety information to small contractors who can’t afford high training costs.    Darcy
  • Especially valuable for those can’t travel to attend safety classes and conferences.   Ghulam
  • I love your nature photos – they make Safety Awakenings so much more visually interesting then the other safety sites.   Donald
  • Wahoo, wonderful and amazing website .   Ali baba cavern!   Rifat
  • I’m stunned by the variety of your collection of videos and Power Points!   Arnold
  • The world of safety at your doorstep.   Devendra 
  • I was a bit cautious at first but it is the real thing.    David
  • A one stop center for safety.    Shuib
  • Love the Video section.   Some great visual’s to show during inductions and toolbox’s.    Liam
  • The e-Books are great!    Jessica
  • The layout is very organized, I am finding resources with ease.  Billie
  • I’ve been in the safety profession for 32 years and this is probably the most comprehensive safety information site I have ever seen.    Kathryn
  • A real resource for people from the shop floor to the CEO.    Alan
  • OSHA could take a lesson from YOU.   James CSP
  • Safety Awakenings is my all-time favourite safety website.  It has a large collection of helpful materials that you can go to when you need something urgently.   Seton

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