Links To Over 30 Free Safety e-Books! 

Each of the below links are to free, PDF format, safety e-Books.  We did not create or develop any of these resources; rather we are simply linking to these open source Internet resources in the same manner that the Google search engine would do.   

If you teach, consider using one of these free e-Books as a textbook.  If you are studying for a professional certification test, you may want to review some of these publications. 

1.  Safety For The Leader and Manager is a 140-page book written by Lawrence H. “Chip” Dawson, a safety and health consultant based in Rochester, NY.  This publication is an overview of the safety management process.  The theme is “how enlightened leadership, good people and a proven process can stop accidents, cut costs and strengthen the workplace culture”.  

2.  A Guide to Measuring Health and Safety Performance is a 30-page book written in 2001.   It was developed in order to help people to improve the measurement of safety and health performance within their organization.

3.  Involving Your Workforce in Health and Safety is 44-pages and was published in 2008.   Learn how to involve and consult with your employees on safety and health matters.  For both union and non-union organizations.  Numerous case studies illustrate best communication practices with both safety committees and employee safety representatives.

4.  Managing Shift Work – Health and Safety Guidance is 45-pages in length and was published in 2006.  Understand shift work and its’ effect and impact on worker safety and health.  It offers numerous strategies for improving the safety records on all shifts at any organization.

5.  Workplace Health Exposure Limits is 74-pages and was published in 2005.  Common workplace health hazards such as chemicals, dusts, and fumes are reviewed.  The latest updated European exposure limits are discussed (some of which are more stringent than U.S. limits).   Monitoring methods are covered as well as proven solutions/controls.   This book should be of special value to to those companies with international operations.

6.  Engineering Safety Assessment by Jim Thomson PhD is a 219-page book on how to assess the safety of highly hazardous operations and facilities.

7.  A Guide to Measuring Health and Safety Performance by HSE is a 30-page book on the pluses and minuses of various measures of safety performance.

8.  Guidance For The Beginning OHS Professional  by George Robothan is a 216-page book that was published in 2012.  With over 40 years experience as a safety professional, George provide his advice and guidance to the new safety professional.  His approach is to review theory and follow up with practical examples from the real world.

9.  Blind Spots: Four Psychological Factors That Can Get You Injured by Select International.  “Learn about behaviors and factors that are critical to maintaining safety in any workplace.”

10.  Top 9 Stories About Employee Engagement by Bill Sims. “Learn: how to properly deliver positive reinforcement and reduce at-risk behaviors; why traditional incentive approaches work initially but then quickly fizzle out; the power of tangible rewards; how to avoid making an employee feel “singled out” when recognized or rewarded; and the true motivations behind your workers’ unsafe behaviors.”16.

11.  Rethinking the Way We Think About Safety by Select International.  This short, 8-page publication “is designed to provoke readers to question assumptions regarding safety management”.

12.  Working Safely at Heights by the WSH Council in Singapore – 69 pages.

13.  Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management by the WSH Council – 31 pages.

14.  Health Hazard Evaluation Program

15.  OSHA Fact Book

16.  Motor Vehicle Crashes

17.  Safety Program Practices in Record-holding Plants

18.  Warehousing Safety

19.  Protecting Employees from Amputations

20.  Ergonomics for Nursing Homes

21.  Ergonomics for Retail Grocery Stores

22.  Hexavalent Chromium

23.  Safety Guide for Meatpacking Industry

24.  Metal Scrap Recycling

25.  Mold in the Indoor Workplace

26.  Respiratory Protection

27.  Many Other OSHA eBooks

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