Announcing Our “Safety Photo Of The Week” Challenge!

June 2, 2013 No Comments

Every Wednesday (starting 6/5/13) Safety Awakenings will publish a “Safety Photo Of The Week“!   Test your ability to identify the unsafe acts, hazards, and OSHA violations that are hidden in actual workplace photographs.  These photos will address important and universal safety and health subjects such as:

  • falls from heights
  • slips and falls
  • manual material handling and ergonomics
  • machine safeguarding
  • fire prevention, life safety, and flammable liquids
  • hand and power tools
  • electrical safety
  • chemicals and industrial hygiene
  • personal protective equipment
  • noise and vibration
  • heat and cold stress
  • powered industrial trucks, sideloaders, and fork trucks
  • housekeeping
  • maintenance practices
  • warehousing and storage
  • trucks and transportation
  • outside grounds

Test yourself – can you spot the hazards and OSHA violations in our weekly photos?  After you’ve studied a new photo and jotted down your answer, click on the photo itself to see our answers.  Did you identify everything we did?  Did you find some things we didn’t?

“Safety Photos Of The Week” can be used to:

  • sharpen your skills of observation
  • become a better safety inspector
  • train new inspectors and supervisors
  • review OSHA requirements
  • provide an interactive training exercise for your weekly departmental safety meetings


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