Safety Awakening – The Donald Trump Of Safety

March 5, 2018 No Comments

The Donald Trump Of Safety

Donald Trump tells it like it is!  There are two types of people who can be brutally honest – billionaires (like Mr. Trump) and retirees.  Both are financially secure and don’t care much about the consequences of not being PC (politically correct).  

Retirees no longer have to worry about a boss (or HR) second guessing them, or enforcing rules,norms and expectations.   

After a 45-year safety career in government, academia, insurance and industry I’ve finally decided to join the ranks of the retired.  And like many retirees, I’ve got the time and new-found freedom to finally tell it like it is!  

I’ve published a series of “no holds bared”  articles that hold nothing back.  I call these short, totally-free publications “Safety Awakenings”.  A few of the provocative titles that challenge the status quo include:

If you are a safety student or a new safety professional, please be sure to check out all of my “Safety Awakening” articles.  They will help you to better understand the “real world” of workplace safety, and learn from the many errors and mistakes I’ve made over my long safety career.


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