Safety Awakening – “You Can NOT Believe Accident Reports!”

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You Can NOT Believe Accident Reports!


misleading self-serving, biased , false, more concerned with being seen as politically correct and a team player.  Reluctant to point the finger at any department or manager (especially executives and top-level managers) for fear of making an enemy and hurting their career and advancement chances.   It’s the old “me first” attitude, that puts self ahead of protecting workers.

Disgusting.  I’ve always called it like I see it, regardless of the consequences.  When it comes to people’s lives, screw politics!

But not everyone feels like I do.  In my 40 year career as an EHS manager for 5 corporations and a consultant who’s visited thousands of workplaces, I’ve seen such behavior frequently.  And as the economy worsens, and there are fewer and fewer jobs, those who have jobs are more a-tune than ever to “not rocking the boat”.

Not only have I seen this, but a PhD in Canada (Jane Doe) wrote a 312-page thesis on this in 2001.  Her conclusions included:

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All companies (including yours) have this going on.  But what can you do about it?  That’s a topic for another blog article on what really drives safety culture!

For important work related accident investigations, I’d argue that you can not do it with inhouse employees.  To truely get to the root causes of the accident you must bring in qualified outside accident investigators.  Individuals who have no political or career ambitions with your organization that would influence their accident inventigations conclusions and recommendations





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