44 Arkansas University Tool Box Talks

March 2, 2011 No Comments

The University of Arkansas Environmental and Safety Department has developed 44 safety meeting toolbox talk topics.   These .pdf files are not illustrated, nor can they be modified.   But they are original, well written and certainly worthy of your consideration.   Below are links to these articles –

Suited for Safety The Individual’s Responsibility
Safety Attitudes Hidden Hazards
Unsafe Acts in Construction Heat Exhaustion
Carelessness Motor Vehicles
Hand Tools
Neatness Does Count
Chain Saw Safety
What Can You Do to Prevent Accidents
Close Calls
Plumbing Safety
Common Sense
Protecting Your Eyes
Decision Driving
Sharpen Your Safety Awareness
Drive Now
Status Quo
Driving Safely in Winter Weather
Supportive and Respectful Communication
Acts and Conditions that Cause Accidents
Working Together
The Right Safety Attitude
Boating Safety
Unsafe Acts in Construction
Heat Safety
Work Clothes and Safety
Back to School Safety
Your Hearing
Safe Housekeeping
Grill Safety
Think Safety
Lightening Safety
Noise on the Job
Electrical Safety
Hard Hats
Drive Now
Empty Pallets
Sprains & Strains
Golden Rule for Safety
Hand and Power Tools Fact Sheet
How to be a Chiseler – A Safe One
Right Habit, Safe Habit



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