Safety Tips For High Hazard Industries

October 29, 2017 No Comments

Last week I received an email from Jim Thomson, a PhD engineer from the UK, inviting me to check out his website.  Jim is a safety consultant who specializes in high hazard industries such as nuclear plants, oil & gas, and refining.

He has developed safety processes and systems designed to identify and control extremely hazardous exposures.  While most of his writings were designed for high hazard industries, the principles he talks about could certainly be applied anywhere.

The following are my favorite Jim Thomson publications.  You will also find a link to Doctor Thomson’s 219-page book on how to assess the safety of highly hazardous operations and facilities in our eBooks section (book #8).

If you are a plant engineer, safety manager, or maintenance manger at a high hazard plant, you should visit Jim’s website and review his other safety resources too.

Work Safe Victoria also has a popular webpage on major hazard facilities.

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