I’m Not Kidding – 490 Free Safety Signs!

March 13, 2013 No Comments

If I told you that I found a website that offered 490, full-sized, color, safety signs that you could download for free you’d say I was kidding!  Well I’m not, there is such a website.

Click here to see these beautiful safety signs.  They come in nine different categories including:

  • Caution
  • Danger
  • Hazard Warning
  • Prohibited
  • Mandatory
  • Notice
  • Safety First
  • Think


Also, if you’d like to see an even broader selection, just click here for over 3,000 additional “totally free” workplace safety and health signs!

Here’s how I use this safety sign website.  First, I print up a bunch of signs on my computer.  Then I take them to my local “Kinkos” store for lamination.  Lamination keeps the signs looking nice, and a laminated sign lasts much longer than a paper sign does.  Kinkos here in Wisconsin USA charges $1.99 per sign for lamination (volume discounts are available).

Most companies that I consult with could do more with safety signs.   Signs are a great way to remind employees of important safety messages, rules, and hazardous conditions.  Also, I’ve found that most government safety inspectors and insurance company loss control specialists are favorably impressed by lots of  high quality safety signs.   


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