Required Safety, WC, & Labor Law Postings

October 21, 2012 No Comments


Both the United States and Canadian governments require that employers post certain safety posters in every workplace.   Also, there are requirements to post labor law posters as well.  These posting requirements are more complex than most think.  The required posters not only vary based upon what country you are in, but they also are specific to the State (or Province) in which you operate.  Below are links to some websites that will help you comply with these posting regulations. 



In the USA, OSHA requires every employer to post theOSHA Posterat each of their locations.   The OSHA Poster informs employees of their right to file a safety complaint with OSHA.   This poster is usually posted on a bulletin board in the factory.   The OSHA Poster is something that an OSHA inspector will almost certainly want to see if they visit your facility.

Workers compensation (WC) laws vary from state to state.  Some states have laws that mandate employers post certain WC information.  Click here to see if your state has any WC posting requirements, and to download a free sample of the required poster. 


Canada also require that certain safety and labour law posters be posted in every workplace.  Most of these required posters are Province specific.  Rather than posting each required poster individually, most Canadian companies just purchase an “All-In-One” compliance poster that has all of the Provincial posters on one big sheet. 


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