Do-It-Yourself Noise Abatement

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Reducing production machinery noise in a factory does not have to be expensive or complicated.  It can easily be done in-house with minimal guidance.

A plant in a Southern state had noise levels above 85 dBA TWA in some processing areas.   The company wanted to reduce the noise levels in the offending areas to under 85 dBA but they did not want to spend allot of money doing so.   They felt that if they could reduce the noise levels: the employees would be more comfortable;  communications would be enhanced;  and they would not need to implement a comprehensive, OSHA mandated, hearing conservation program.  

I met with company representatives and we reviewed the below listed websites that offer noise abatement products.   We then inspected the noisy areas, and came up with some simple noise abatement controls that involved the application of these types of noise control products.

The raw materials that were purchased for our noise abatement controls cost less than $600.  It took only a few days for the manufacturer to install all of the modifications.  The following are some before and after photos that illustrate some of the controls that were implemented.


After the implementation of the do-it-yourself noise abatement controls, a consultant conducted a plant noise survey.   She found that the noise levels in the noisy areas had been reduced by 3 to 4 decibels!  While that may not seem like allot, remember that a 5 decibel decrease in noise cuts the noise in half! 

This manufacturer’s plant noise levels were now all below 85 dBA and they no longer needed a hearing conservation program.  Home made, do-it-yourself noise abatement controls can be an effective and inexpensive way to reduce plant noise levels.

Additional publications on workplace noise reduction we like  include:  Noise Reduction and Control,  Controling Noise at Work, and the CDC Industrial Noise Control Manual .   

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