Gas Safety Week – Free Infographic

September 16, 2014 No Comments

Gas Safety Week in the U.K. is September 15 – 21.  People are not always aware of how to stay gas safe in their homes and businesses.  With thousands of people being diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning and hundreds of gas explosions, it’s important that people understand, and put gas safety steps into action in order to stay gas safe and protect their families and employees.

Although there is awareness that gas appliances, furnaces and boilers need to be safety checked annually, 43% of the population does not do it, and 10% have gas devices which have never been checked (Gas Safety Week Research 2011).

With Gas Safety Week being upon us, this free info-graphic aims to raise awareness about gas safety by providing tips that you should follow in order to stay gas safe in your home and business. It also outlines what you should do in the case of a gas emergency.

Tomasz Biszczanik is the guest author of this article.  For more information about him and his company (London Central Heating) please click here.


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