On-the-Job Stretching Programs

August 3, 2017 No Comments

On-the-Job Stretching Programs

Workplace on-the-job stretching programs are controversial, some safety professionals believe in them while others think they are a waste of time.

I developed a highly successful on-the-job stretching program at one large manufacturer.  After a few weeks into the program, the union employees liked stretching so much that when their supervisor was sick, they’d just go ahead and stretch on their own without him!  In time, the manual material handling injuries at this company went way down and the moral improved – both due to my pre-shift on-the-job stretching program. 

Below are links to a number of resources that will help you evaluate the merits of workplace stretching programs.  If you do decide to implement one, I’ve also included links on sample stretching programs and exercises. 


Benefits/disadvantages of stretching programs


Sample stretching programs and exercises


Stretching posters

Programs, Safety Articles

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