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Below is this week’s “Safety App of the Week“.  Every Monday we publish an article that reviews and rates a new workplace safety app.  Our testing is done on Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s.  We rate each app from to ♥♥♥♥♥ (♥♥♥♥♥ is the best).  Prior app of the week articles are archived here.

SafetyCheck by CRS

Official Description  

“SafetyCheck by CRS appraises the health and safety management systems in your organisation against well-known standard OHSAS 18001.

Also included is a search tool, which assists you to identify and meet health and safety legal requirements.1


Thumbs Up

  • Cost is free
  • Visually attractive and easy to read


Thumbs Down

  • Their “safety check” only asks about twenty fairly general questions about your safety program – not a very comprehensive safety program audit by any means
  • After completing the safety program self-assessment questions you are not immediately given your survey results, rather, you are required to “register” with them and they promise to email you a personalized report as soon as possible

Overall Rating

  • iPad / iPhone  –  
  • Android 
  • Overall – They never did email us our survey results, this app is a waste of time 

¹ Description courtesy of  iTunes

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