IR Thermography Prevents Fires & Breakdowns

May 21, 2018 No Comments

Keep your factory up and running by spotting problems before they happen.  The above photo is an infrared (IR) thermographic image (courtesy of FLIR Thermography) of an electrical panel.   It clearly shows a hot spot, that if not corrected could result in a fire!  IR thermography can also detect hot bearings and overheated motors.

Most manufacturing companies would benefit by having an IR thermography predictive maintenance program.  Companies that I worked for did thermographic surveys once each year at their facilities.  However, if you work at a plant with combustible dust or flammable liquids, you may want to test more frequently.

Larger companies purchase their own IR thermographic imaging instruments and perform the tests themselves.  While smaller companies usually hire third-party IR thermography consultants (located in most large cities) to conduct their tests.

Below are four videos that will teach you the basics of thermal imaging for predictive maintenance:

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