100 Winter Safety Resources

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Winter Safety Resources

Winter brings snow, ice, storms and blizzards.  To help protect your workers against these winter hazards, we have collected the best free winter safety resources for you!

From a workplace safety standpoint, some of the hazards associated with working in winter weather include:

  • Driving accidents due to slippery roadways,
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning,
  • Slips and falls due to slippery walkways,
  • Hypothermia and frostbite due to the cold weather exposure,
  • Being struck by falling objects such as icicles, tree limbs, and utility poles,
  • Electrocution due to downed power lines or downed objects in contact with power lines,
  • Falls from heights (e.g. falls from roof or skylights while removing snow),
  • Roof collapse under weight of snow (or melting snow if drains are clogged),
  • Burns from fires caused by energized line contact or equipment failure,
  • Exhaustion from working extended shifts,
  • Dehydration,
  • Back injuries or heart attack while removing snow,
  • Fire exits blocked by snow and ice.

Below are links to over 100 of our favorite free winter weather safety resources.   They include posters, brochures, checklists, bulletins, tool box talks, Power Points, and videos.  

Ice Sculpture

Safety Articles

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