Young Worker Safety Issues

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The younger workers that you hire may never have had a job before.  The basic safety rules and practices that older workers take for granted are usually unknown to young workers.  That is why it is important to give new young workers an exceptionally thorough safety orientation that emphasises the basics of safety.

OSHA in the USA has developed a young workers website .  Here you will find information on child labor laws and a description of the types of equipment and jobs that young workers are not permitted to perform.   This website also has some really cool on-line safety training programs that focus on the types of jobs younger people typically work, like:

  • construction
  • life guarding
  • parks and recreation
  • landscaping
  • farm work


In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed the following safety resources specifically for young workers.

Below are some additional links to free, downloadable safety resources on young worker safety:


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